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Dr. Andino, Chiropractic Specialist

We're here to keep you in line!

Not only do we have trained massage therapists here, but our very own Dr. Josue Andino is a trained chiropractor. We provide chiropractic services as an individual treatment for a day or as an add-on to our combination packages. We also carry the ArthroStim® and the VibraCussor® machines which combine percussion and vibration to alleviate pain, stiffness and help with alignment.

ArthroStim® Machine

  • A variety of patients are initially too sensitive for standard osseous adjustments and practices

  • Because we offer our services to any age range, some patients (very young and elderly) experience adverse reactions from standard or forceful adjustments.

  • Larger men and women can be a bit more difficult to adjust osseously

  • Due to sensitive physical or psychological make-up, some patients shouldn't be forcefully adjusted

  • Some patients dislike or even fear the noises associated with standard adjustments and being 'cracked'

A Doctor's Reasoning for ArthroStim® and Vibracussor® use:

The ArthroStim® machine can be considered as one of the best machines any chiropractor can add to their office. This machine delivers direct percussion to stimulate trigger points underneath and along the muscles.

The VibraCussor® machine is another excellent machine to have on hand. It deliver intense vibration and percussion to a wider surface area. It is excellent during or after a massage. The interchangeable tips helps to soothe any need!

VibraCussor® Machine